Christopher Columbus made a total of four voyages to the new world. In addition to the sources already mentioned for the information we have on the first voyage, we also have a history written by the royal historial Oviedo and a letter written by Columbus. The letter is an important document for the generally accepted history as it gives a summary of the his discoveries. It was intended to attract backers for future expeditions so it focuses of the successes of the first voyage and does not mention any adverse events.


In addition to the descriptions given in "The Life of the Admiral..." the second voyage is recorded in a letter from Doctor Chanca, physician to the fleet. He accompanied Columbus to Hispaniola and returned at the first opportunity to Spain.The letter is optimistic as well. More details can be found about the second voyage by clicking the link provided.


The third voyage, again in addition to the history given in the book supposedly written by Ferdinand, the son of Columbus, is described in two letters from Christopher. The first gives a highly interesting description of the shape of the world as understood by him. The second was written while Columbus was in chains and being sent back to Spain.


On the fourth voyage, Columbus explored the mainland of Central America. We have Columbus' own report of the voyage as well as the story as told by Diego Mendez, given in his last will.


We also have a history written by Las Casas called "History of the Indies (Historia de las Indias which covers the whole history of American exploration up to 1520.  Bartolome de Las Casas was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1510, became a member of the Dominican order in 1522 and was consecrated bishop of Chiapas, Cuba in 1543.


He made a summary of the journal kept by Columbus on that first voyage of discovery and it’s the only extant copy of the log we have.


In his summary of the journal, the narrator is sometimes Las Casas, sometimes Columbus when Las Casas is quoting him directly.

Replica of Columbus's Ship Showing Templar Cross

Replica of Columbus Ship Showing Templar Cross 

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