Cristobal Colon

The idea of an alternate history of the discovery of America is not new.  In 1988 a book was published in Portuguese by Augusto Mascarenhas Barreto. The title can be translated as “The Portuguese Christopher Columbus: Secret Agent of King John II”.


While translating that book from Portuguese to Spanish,  Manuel da Silva Rosa considered the claims of the book so outrageous that he set out to discredit it. To his surprise, the evidence was confirmed. His book “O Misterio Colombo Revelado”, published by Esquilo Edições e Multimedia in Portuguese with co-author Eric Steele, claims to reveal an amazingly complex web of apparently deliberately planted misinformation surrounding the famous explorer.


Rosa's third book, published recently, shows evidence for Columbus's origins as Polish royalty. He was also a member of an offshoot of the Templars called the Templar Order of Christ whose head was King Joao II of Portugal. The name he used was not Columbo, an Italian name entirely different from Colon, nor Columbus, a latinized version of Colombo, but Cristobal Colon.


According to this research, Christopher Columbus was in fact an agent for King John of Portugal. This would explain the fascinating code used in the journal which can now be revealed.