Christopher Columbus is perhaps one of the most recognized names in the world, certainly in the west.  He did, after all, make the western hemisphere known to Europe.


Paradoxically, most historians who have studied his accomplishments have, to a greater or lesser extent, also noted that he appears to have been basically a simple instrument of fate. The way the story is told, he seems to have blundered into the new continent entirely by accident, to have completely misunderstood what he found, and to have mismanaged and done seriously stupid things in his other capacities such as governor of Hispaniola.


If the evidence of the Columbus Code is considered  - that story can be put to rest, along with that evaluation of the man. The prowess needed to deceive the crown of Spain to the extent that he did is impressive. To have succeeded in transmitting the true story of what he accomplished - and it does appear that this was his intention - is staggering. The fact that he no doubt had help does not diminish the feat.


As I will show, the Piri Reis map was drawn the way it was for the purpose of telling the story of his discovery - of the first voyage and its actual route. In the process, It also tells us a great deal about who Columbus was and about his purpose and mission - given to him by the King of Portugal, Joao II.



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