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- By Paul Arthur Freynet 


To get the real facts about Christopher Columbus and his mission, it is necessary to dig a little. This site does not offer the usual fare of quick facts – it presents another perspective and it will put many so called facts in question. They actually have been for a long time. Here, you will actually get the real story – from the man himself - and it is more interesting and exciting by far than what was thought. A falsity leads to a dead end of confusion. The truth leads to an open ended blossoming.


This web site is about a historical discovery which, unlike the Nag Hammadi codices or the city of Troy, wasn't dug out of the ground - it's been sitting in front of our noses for centuries, unrecognized. The more closely we look at it, the more obvious it becomes and the deeper it goes. The location of Villa de Navidad founded by Christopher Columbus is here given for the first time. That single fact will make it very difficult for established historians to ignore for long what is disclosed here.


It is beautiful - shattering - unprecedented. It is a communication across the ages not only about the discovery of America, but about ourselves. It will transform how we understand history and its impact will spread across many other fields of study. If you leave the website without looking at the pages that describe the discovery - especially the pages: Puerto Santo, Monti Cristi, the decoded Piri Reis map, and Politics, you've entirely missed what it is about.


In 1988 a book was published in Portuguese by Augusto Mascarenhas Barreto. The title can be translated as “The Portuguese Christopher Columbus: Secret Agent of King John II”.


There have been many theories on the origins of Christopher Columbus but that one is of special interest to us because of this – secret agents have secret codes.


This site will demonstrate for the first time and beyond any reasonable doubt, that Columbus used a mystically colored, politically motivated code. It was used in two different forms, a map and a journal. At first it was just political and then it became much more.


A long standing mystery is here addressed about who Columbus was. Though the question is not answered directly by the information given on this site, a great deal can be inferred. The code itself is set out in such a way that you will see for yourself, firsthand, using satellite imagery and the web, exactly how it works and why it is the only true way of reading these records.


These corrected readings of the two primary sources - the journal kept by Columbus on the voyage of discovery and the map called Piri Reis - show that the two were meant to be a pair. They were meant to perform the same function and can be used to cross reference each other to make this story – in terms of the truth about the first voyage to America – iron clad.


This contradicts so much about what is currently believed that the entire history will have to be revised. This applies especially to how we look at the man, Christopher Columbus. The current reading of the Piri Reis map as well as the journal show him to be a confused idiot – see the first voyage -  this revised story shows that he was in fact, a genius of the highest order - see the code and also the Columbus Journal section of this web site which traces a large part of his voyage.


José Rodriguez Dos Santos, a Portuguese writer, accurately stated in 2005 the following about Columbus:

"Christopher Columbus's origins are still shrouded in mystery, tiet up in intricate knots that allow us only a hazy glimpse of a highly complex character. The web of secrets seems to have been spun by none other than the great explorer himself, who deliberately and systematically concealed information about his past and left in his wake a long trail of contradictory clues and ambiguous phrases. His reasons for doing so are still not clear and continue to spark intense speculation among historians and laypersons alike."

"Making the nebulous features of this man--whose face no one knows--even harder to see is the fact that many documents that might have clarified matters have been lost. This is further aggravated by the fact that most of the texts that have survived are not originals but copies, which may or may not have been adulterated. As if this were not enough, some documents have proven to be skillful falsifications, while there are doubts about the authenticity of many others. For this reason there  are few certainties, countless contradictions, and many puzzles surrounding the details of Columbus's life, offering fertile terrain for speculation about who the man  who discovered America really was."



This site will present some facts that will help to lift the veil. Many will ask what my qualifications are to be lifting that veil. My answer is that I could be a drunk from the gutter or a dragon from hell and it wouldn't make the slightest diffrence because I'm not asking anyone to take anything on my authority. Relying solely on authority is what led us to the ridiculous ideas and beliefs we currently have about Christopher Columbus and his story. The material here presented is self-defining and self-explanatory, it is its own authority.


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